Instruments and Facilities


The Rogers™ 955 Organ is the instrumental mainstay of our church sanctuary and Sunday morning worship. The Rodgers 955 is a comprehensive 3 manual organ of 59 speaking stops and 21 couplers. Leading edge MIDI capabilities equip the musician with tools for performance of traditional music as well as contemporary selections. PDI technology is used to go beyond the artificial sameness of digital sampling to create the precise realism of a true pipe organ. The authentic voices can be individually tuned, leveled and voiced on an effective note-by-note basis, just as if they were actual pipe ranks. Wind-blown ranks may also be added. The lighted drawknob console is constructed of hardwood and veneers and is designed to AGO specifications.

Manuals: 61 notes x 3. Solid wood with ebony sharps. Pedalboard: 32 notes, concave and radiating.

Rodgers Digital Voice Modules utilizing Parallel Digital Imaging (POI) Technology in a multiple-microprocessor parallel computing system. Waveform storage is 16-bit linear; digital to analog conversion is by multiple 2l-bit converters. Rodgers Digital Dynamic Wind provides independent computer modeling of a pipe organ wind system for each organ division.

12 General pistons (thumb and toe); 6 each Great, Swell and Choir pistons (thumb); 5 Pedal pistons (toe); Set and General Cancel. 6 internal memory levels per piston. Multiple additional groups of 6 memory levels provided by Rodgers Personal Memory Card. Combination memories may also be stored on an external MIDI sequencer.

Choir/Great/Pedal Expression, Swell Expression, Adjustable Crescendo with 2 sequences and Indicator, Adjustable Tutti I & II, Choir to Swell Expression, Great/Pedal Unenclosed, Antiphonal On, Main Off, Festival Trumpet, Tuning Control, Transposer (±4 semitones), Temperament Selector (8 temperaments), Wind Stabilizer, Digital Acoustic Enhancement System, Headphone Jack, MIDI In/Out/Thru, Sequencer In/Out, Console Menu Display.



The sanctuary of the First United Methodist Church is home to a Kawai™ GE-1 baby grand piano.







The “Wesley Ringers” practice and perform using a 5-octave range set of Schulmerich™ handbells. Handchimes for the “Amazing Graces” are from Malmark™.


Music Facilities

The Music Suite at FUMC features a choral rehearsal room, men’s and ladies’ robing rooms, the music library, the music office, the handbells rehearsal room, a multipurpose (meeting/rehearsal) room, and equipment storage facilities. Our choral rehearsal room, with built-in seated risers and Wenger™ seating, is equipped with both an upright and a baby grand piano, allowing for the best use of our Chancel Choir accompanists (organ and piano) during weekly rehearsals. The room also is equipped with an audio recording and playback system. Chancel Choir meets in the choral rehearsal room, while Wesley Ringers and Amazing Graces meet in the handbells room.



Our bell tower is home to a ChimeMaster Model Six-SS™ system.


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