Prayer Shawl Ministry

It all began in the Fall of 2013 with a few ladies who had a passion for thread. Luanne Talbot and Phyllis Morian, hearing of a special ministry, traveled to Hemphill to visit with a group of ladies who make prayer shawls. They came back to Jasper with a prayer and a pattern.

After a few informational meetings, the FUMC of Jasper’s Prayer Shawl Ministry was born. And how appropriate that their first prayer shawl went to the late Betty North Kaylor, Luanne Talbot’s mother, in December of 2013.

The ministry has grown from a one-pattern prayer shawl to lapghans, wheelchair wraps, and more. The membership ranges from ladies who could crochet a three-piece suit to those who simply take the finished product and deliver to those in need. The shawls have helped in mourning, healing, and comfort.

God’s hand has been in every shawl. So many times, the ladies have heard “it’s my favorite color!”, “it was perfect”, “I carried it with me to every chemo treatment”, “every time I hold it I think of my loved one.”

Five years into the ministry, we have recorded shawl #146. Each shawl goes out with the ladies’ signature prayer card, signed by every member…

“We made this Prayer Shawl for you. With each stitch, we prayed that God will bless you with His loving touch. May this shawl always be a reminder of how much we care about you and how much you are loved.”