“Sermons of John Wesley” Study Series

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Pastor Jacob Smith’s Wednesday Study:
Sermons of John Wesley

The sermons of John Wesley have, for centuries now, shaped both the doctrine and practice of Methodists throughout the world.  Published throughout the 18th century, Wesley’s sermons cover a wide array of topics from sin and salvation to spiritual disciplines and holy living.  These classic works of Methodism’s co-founder strike a balance between theological understanding and faith put into practice.

We are currently in our study of Wesley’s more prolific sermons.  The class is offered at both 11:00 am and 5:30 pm in the Frank Ealand Hall.

The class does not have a specific book, as there are many published collections of Wesley’s sermons.  Additionally, there are several online sources.  The church office can assist anyone needing help in finding the sermons.

Here are links each week’s sermon.

May 5:  The Danger of Riches (1781)
May 12:  The New Creation (1785)
May 19:  The More Excellent Way (1787)

(Sermons Source:  The Wesley Center Online)