Employment@FUMC Jasper

Thank you for your interest in working and serving with our church family.  FUMC Jasper is currently seeking a Youth Director.  Details are below for interested individuals.


Job Description
Youth Director
First United Methodist Church
Jasper, Texas

Ministry Purpose is to develop and provide spiritual, relational, organizational and administrative leadership through the Church’s programs for youth and young adults. The Youth Director shall seek to foster a strong education program through building relationships with teachers, student, parents and church leaders that strengthen the students’ commitments to the church and growth in faith in Jesus Christ.

Responsible to the Pastor for day to day operations and fulfilling responsibilities defined in the job description.

General Responsibilities
The Church Youth Director leads young people, typically middle and high school years, impart the teachings of their faith through prayer, events, and other activities that appeal to youth while encouraging them to be faithful followers of the Methodist Church.

The following topics outline the general responsibilities of the position but are not all inclusive in nature.  The position will include those listed below as well any other duties as assigned by the direct supervisor.

Foster Growth of Faith. The major goal of the church youth director is to guide young people in their faith journey. The middle school and high school years are a time of soul searching in many crucial ways. By creating a welcoming environment, providing faith direction and encouraging discussion, the Youth Director helps the church youth become believers and active participants.

Lead Youth Activities. It is the Youth Director’s responsibility to arrange for a variety of activities that will attract many different youths to the church and hold their interest. These include but not restricted to all church youth programs.  The Youth Director supervises the volunteers and tracks the progress of youth leaders providing assistance and serving as a resource to all church youth programs.

Maintain Communication Channels on a variety of levels, through social media, Email, church newsletter etc. to generate overall interests and enthusiasm for programs. The Pastor must also be consulted and kept informed of activities. The Youth Director is expected to attend regular staff meetings in order to share information, gain consensus with programs, and exchange ideas.  

Prepare budgets and Other Documents as necessary throughout the fiscal year. The Youth Director prepares an annual budget and presents it at the start of each fiscal year and is charged with monitoring that budget throughout the year. Other documents, as needs dictate,  must also be maintained and monitored.

Serve as Example to the Youth of the Church, through your actions, your faith, your commitment to the youth programs and service.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • College degree preferred
  • Experience required ( Director/Asst. Director), 3+ years preferred
  • Knowledge of and practices the ethical standards of the Methodist Church
  • Knowledge of and ability to use technology for projects, social media, promotions etc.

Terms of Employment
A security and background check is made for all staff and volunteers of the Church. FUMC Jasper works under the presumption that all staff, church members and attendees deserve a safe and secure atmosphere to conduct and foster their faith.

Upon request, candidate must submit:

  • References, related to the individuals background and/or work experience
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Official college transcript

Interested candidates, please send a letter of interest, resume and personal testimony to:

Rev. Drew Weber
First United Methodist Church
329 Bowie St.
Jasper, TX 75951