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A Message from Pastor Drew Weber

Hello, friends!

We continue to worship a mighty and loving God who will see us through this recent challenge that the COVID19 has thrown our way. I have made a decision to do something I would normally only do in light of a massive hurricane headed our way.

For the foreseeable, worship will remain online at 10:30 am, either via Facebook Live or our web page: www.fumcjasper.org. All meetings and activities that are scheduled to take place at the church are cancelled. Committees are free to communicate pertinent items through email, calling the office, or stopping by the office. In accordance with the County Judge’s Emergency Order, the Church Office is closed.  We will periodically check the voicemails, and we can also be reached by email at jasperfirst@fumcjasper.org.

As of now, we must find new ways to position ourselves for ministry.

My first priority is to care for you, my flock, whom I cherish greatly – I truly love this congregation and I hope that is felt especially now. If you are unable to get essential items you need or if you need someone to run an errand, please call the church office. If you have a friend or neighbor who may need help, reach out to them. We will do our best to meet any needs.

Another great way to serve and minister is to help people who are concerned, worried, and afraid. Tell them how much God loves them, that He’s not mad at them, and we have a great church family that we would love for them to be a part of when we re-open. In the meantime, they can get a taste of our church by tuning into Facebook Live or www.fumcjasper.org at 10:30 each Sunday.

Finally, keep supporting the church and the staff through your prayers, gifts, and love. Pray for me as I lead and discern God’s will, pray for your staff that works hard day in and day out and please continue to support this church through your gifts and service.

Most of all, thank you for being an amazing congregation. I love you all!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Drew